Woman buys a sex doll that looks exactly like her for her boyfriend after getting tired of his high libido

A woman who got tired of her boyfriend's high libido has decided to buy her a sex doll that looks exactly like her . Charlotte Grey, 23, could no longer stand her Callum Black's high libido before she took the decision. The couple, of Lillington, Warwickshire, have now introduced the life-like doll - which they call Dee - into the bedroom to 'spice things up'. And they say she has 'set their sex lives on fire'. The couple - who earn a living posting content on Only Fans and TikTok began exploring the idea of a sex doll after first contemplating a threesome. But Charlotte had reservations that she would get jealous if another real-life woman was in their bed. She then purchased Callum the 1.5k doll. The couple, who have been together for four years now treat 'Dee' like a real person, dressing her in white lingerie and dresses, taking her out on car rides and watching their favourite show The Inbetweeners together. They also post sex-tapes of themselves with Dee, as well as wholesome videos of themselves all sitting on the sofa together. They say the reaction to Dee can be negative online but they 'don't care what anyone thinks' as it 'works for them'. Charlotte said, 'We were talking about spicing things up and having a threesome or foursome, but like most girls, I was worried I'd struggle to see Callum with another woman 'It was a joint decision to buy a sex doll, but it was the best decision and has definitely improved our sex life.'It's great because Callum has a high sex drive and if I'm not in the mood he's got Dee there 'We both love experimenting with her - and she regularly joins our steamy sessions too.'She's not just a doll - we're really attached to her.

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